Road rage is a frequent cause of accidents. That’s why drivers will want to follow a few tips for diffusing aggression. For starters, one should always remain calm. Honking the horn, flashing the high beams or making inflammatory hand gestures at the offending driver will only make matters worse. Drivers are encouraged to find their own unique strategy for keeping calm: for example, listening to classical can relieve stress.

In certain cases, such as when someone takes a parking space, the offended driver should try and give the other side the benefit of the doubt. It may be that the other person did not see them. Faced with an aggressive driver, one should never make eye contact as this could be taken as a challenge.

On multi-lane highways, it’s important to open up passing lanes for aggressive drivers. One should neither speed up nor slow down as this could block such a lane. Drivers should let the other know that they will move out of the way as soon as it’s safe by putting on the right turn signal.

In traffic jams, impatient drivers may get close to one’s bumper. To make a quick escape possible, a safe driver should leave a few extra feet of “breathing room” from the vehicle in front. When nothing defuses a driver’s rage, the last step is to call 911.

When aggressive or impatient drivers cause auto accidents, they will be at fault. To obtain compensation for damages, the victim could file a personal injury claim. Filing a claim is difficult without legal representation, so victims are encouraged to have their case evaluated by a lawyer. Legal counsel could negotiate with the auto insurance company for a fair settlement covering medical bills, vehicle damage and more.