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Burn injuries can be caused by defective boilers

In your home, there is a boiler. It does exactly as its name describes, boiling water to supply hot water around your home.

With boilers, there is normally a safety in place to prevent water from getting too hot. There are also pressure valves to release steam and energy, so there is a lower chance of an explosion.

Limiting hours for OR doctors and nurses

Many doctors and nurses in New York are required to work long hours in operating rooms across the state. Some people feel that the hours should be capped similar to the way that hours are limited in other professions. Many doctors feel that this is inappropriate because patients do not expect their physician to leave during the middle of an operation.

A poll by Medscape found some differences between the way that doctors and nurses feel about limiting working hours in operating rooms. When asked whether hours should be limited to reduce mistakes, 57 percent of doctors and 87 percent of nurses said yes.

Sleep deprivation poses a significant driver safety concern

There are many risky behaviors associated with higher incidents of traffic collisions. Drinking and drugged driving clearly create dangers on New York highways. Also problematic are driving at excessive speeds and what has been identified as distracted driving, primarily from cell phone use and texting. However, there is another "silent killer" that many motorists don't think twice about.

A Department of Transportation study looked closely incidents of vehicle crashes, which included interviews with the drivers. The DOT report verified what had long been suspected -- driving with insufficient sleep carries risks similar to drinking and driving. The scope of the problem is underlined by the numbers, which show 7 percent of all vehicle crashes and 16 percent of all fatal crashes are related to driver drowsiness.

Uninsured motorist coverage protects you

Car accidents both big and small happen often on the busy New York roads, keeping insurance companies just as busy. However, in recent years studies have found that nearly 6 percent of motorists drive without insurance in New York.

This is illegal, but it does not stop some people without insurance from continuing to drive. Fortunately, uninsured motorist coverage can protect you and your family in the event of an accident. 

Tips for school zone safety

School drop-off and pick-up can frazzle the steadiest of nerves, whether you walk your child to school, or drive them. Children appear from every direction and everyone is in a hurry. Throw in buses, and it’s no wonder that pedestrian accidents in school zones continue to happen at a disturbing rate. Luckily, there are things you can do to help.

Your child walksor bikes to school:

Texting and fatigue: two overlooked distractions among truckers

In New York and throughout the rest of the U.S., distractions are posing a threat on the road. Billboards may tell drivers to keep their eyes on the road, not to text and not to fall asleep so as to avoid a car crash, but many drivers have the mentality of thinking, "It won't happen to me." Commercial truck drivers are no different, and fleet owners will want to do something about this.

Science backs up the claim that distracted driving leads to accidents. Texting and driving is one of the most alarming forms because it constitutes a visual, manual and cognitive distraction all at once. Sending a text takes about five seconds: With a vehicle going 55 mph, that's like traveling the length of a football field with one's eyes closed.

Safety advocates: large trucks should have crash avoidance tech

Many drivers in New York already know the benefits of crash avoidance systems. Though these systems have been incorporated into only a small percentage of commercial truck fleets, the companies that incorporated them say that they can prevent more than seven out of 10 rear-end collisions. The technology is also known to mitigate the severity of injuries and vehicle damage.

Since the 1990s, the National Transportation Safety Board has been recommending the mandatory use of forward crash avoidance and mitigation systems on all commercial trucks. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reportedly not responded with any regulations along those lines. This has led to criticism from the NTSB and other groups.

Safety tips for riding a bike in the city

Are you someone who has decided to turn to riding a bike instead of continuing to drive a car? Maybe you just want to ride a bike more for its health benefits. Regardless if it is to get you more fit or ease up on the cost of driving a car, riding a bike can be extremely dangerous.

New York City was recently listed as the second most dangerous city for bicyclists, only trailing Los Angeles, California. Even the safest city for riding a bicycle in the state of New York was Syracuse, and that city was ranked #537 nationally.

AAA says many drivers are over-relying on car safety features

In an audit report, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety addressed a dangerous trend that many drivers in New York may be familiar with -- too much reliance on car safety features. While such features can reduce the number of auto accidents and accident-related deaths, they may backfire on drivers who do not understand the limitations of safety technology.

For example, the report showed that 80 percent of drivers with a blind-spot monitoring overestimated this system's ability to detect quickly approaching cars, bicyclists and pedestrians. Furthermore, 20 percent of respondents were so confident in the feature that they never check for oncoming vehicles when changing lanes.

Inspectors issue out-of-service orders during safety check

Commercial vehicle inspectors ordered almost 12,000 semi-tractor trailers out of service between June 5 and June 7 during the annual International Roadcheck safety initiative organized by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and taking place in New York and across North America. Inspectors also removed 2,664 drivers from duty during the 72-hour safety blitz according to figures released by the CVSA. The road safety advocacy group says that almost three out of four of the trucks issued out-of-service orders were pulled off the roads following grueling Level I inspections.

Commercial vehicle inspectors were asked to pay particular attention to hours-of-service logs, as fatigue was the major focus of this year's International Roadcheck event. These violations emerged as the most common reason for drivers being ordered off duty, but they were only discovered by inspectors about 2 percent of the time according to the CVSA.

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