Standing Up For Abused And Neglected Elders

If you turned to a nursing home for the care of your elderly loved one, you placed tremendous trust in the staff and administration of the facility. It may be difficult to face your suspicions that the staff did not provide adequate and quality care, or that a nursing home employee carelessly harmed your loved one.

The lawyers at Miller, Montiel & Strano, P.C., have worked with families in Long Island and throughout New York City who have faced this unthinkable situation. If your loved one is the victim of a nursing home injury, our skilled attorneys are ready to help you obtain justice.

Nursing Home Abuse Has Many Forms

Nursing home abuse or neglect can result from many sources. An overworked, untrained or poorly vetted staff can cause serious illness or injury to your loved one. There are no excuses, and our attorneys have a reputation for successfully holding accountable nursing homes that fail to uphold the duties entrusted to them.

” … Not just years of experience, but a genuine concern for their clients.”

Your loved one may be unable to tell you that something is wrong with the actions of staff members. However, if you notice any of these common signs, you should seek a professional opinion as soon as possible:

  • Frequent, unexplained injuries
  • Injuries resulting from falls
  • Stained or dirty clothing or bedding
  • Bedsores or blisters
  • Weight loss
  • Signs of overmedication, such as confusion, lethargy or depression
  • Changes in behavior, such as crying, fear or withdrawal

These are only a few examples. You know your loved one. Don’t overlook anything that seems off to you. Nursing home abuse happens in many ways, including physical, sexual, financial and emotional. Not only do we work to obtain a fair award for your loved one’s suffering, but we also intend to send a clear message that abuse of the elderly and vulnerable will never be tolerated.

Let Us Be Your Advocate

Your loved one deserves a safe, secure place to live with a caring staff who respects the dignity and privacy of every resident. If this trust is broken, you have the right to act quickly. The moment you suspect your loved one is suffering abuse or neglect, contact Miller, Montiel & Strano, P.C., in Garden City. We will investigate quickly to avoid the loss of precious evidence. Call us for a free consultation at 516-484-4010, or contact us online through our website.